The 25 Best Jobs That Help People

The 25 Best Jobs That Help People

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25 Jobs That Help People

Home Health Aide

A Home Health Aide has the primary responsibility to provide essential personal care to patients that cannot do certain things for themselves.

In general, the types of necessary duties, includes: 

  • Dressing,
  • Bathing,
  • Grocery shopping,
  • Running errands.

Usually, a Home Health Aide is also required to administer medicines under the directions set by the patient’s Doctor.

911 Dispatcher

Hopefully, you have not needed to call a 911 Dispatcher too often in your own life. These are the people who receive emergency calls from people in distress and get them to pass on important information.

This is a demanding role. When someone is experiencing extreme stress, it can be difficult to get the details required to dispatch the correct emergency personnel to the caller’s location.


A Teacher instructs students to help them learn about a certain subject. This process can occur in a classroom setting as curriculum based learning. On rare occasions, it may include field trips to look at a subject in a more practical way.

Additionally, teachers are responsible for the preparation of lessons and the assessments required to test the students grade work and level of knowledge.

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A Paramedic is typically a first responder that administers critical treatment to a person in an emergency situation. An initial assessment is followed by CPR or basic life support techniques to help the patient survive a trip to the nearest medical facility.

In extreme cases, more advanced life support techniques may be require to ease and assist breathing.

Customer Service Representative

A Customer Service Representative assists a customer when they have questions, valuable feedback or a complaint. This is typically related to a certain product or service and the role requires some basic problem solving skills.

This job may be carried out on the phone, in an online chat or even in-person. Helping customers and processing orders is a key part of any successful business.

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Rehabilitation Specialist

The Rehabilitation Specialist works with a patient that undergone some kind of life altering injury, such as:

  • A mental health issue,
  • A stroke,
  • A dismemberment
  • Other serious medical problems.

Helping people with disabilities to learn how to be independent again is enormously rewarding but it requires patience. In this role you may be working directly with a patient.

Perhaps you would be providing other means of support or resources to help them adjust to a new way of living.

Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer works with a client to help them improve their physical fitness levels. This could be extra coaching for a specific event such as a marathon or triathlon or just to improve the clients general fitness.

This role will require the creation of a training plan, coaching during exercises and monitoring progress. A Personal Trainer needs good motivation and organizational skills to help their clients improve and maintain their fitness.

Substance Abuse Counselor

A Substance Abuse Counselor works with people that are abusing alcohol and/or drugs. They help the person to recover by providing them with advice, support and techniques to help them overcome their addictions.

Additionally, some Substance Abuse Counselors work in a more specialized role where they help people to deal with behavioural problems or eating disorders.


A translator is fluent in at least two languages. They help their clients by converting a message from one language to another. This can happen in real time during a meeting or it may happen later during the translation of a written message or other communication medium.

The translator is a demanding role because critical decisions can be based upon the translators interpretation of a particular message.

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A Firefighter is first responder to any emergency call that involves fire, including house fires, building fires and others. Every Firefighter is also trained in basic first aid techniques to render immediate aid to people rescued in a fire.

This role is often delegated to Paramedics as soon as they reach the scene of the fire. This is a dangerous and rewarding role that has significant levels of job satisfaction.

School Guidance Counselor

A School Guidance Counselor is a demanding role that provides support for students. This can involve help with a variety of problems, including:

  • Academic issues,
  • Social situations,
  • Career goals.

In many cases, this will involve interactions on a person to person basis. However, many School Guidance Counselors now conduct group training sessions to help students socialize with their peers.

Police Officer

A Police Officer helps to protect a community and the people living there by enforcing the law. This can include everything from issuing a simple ticket up to arresting a criminal to keep people safe.

While on duty, Police Officers may also respond to emergency calls and work proactively by patrolling their assigned area. This role also requires the submitting of incident reports and giving evidence in court as required.

Marriage and Family Therapist

A Marriage and Family Therapist is a trained mental health professional specializing in speaking to families and couples that have relationship issues.

With this intention, you will need patience and active listening to help clients through a crisis and help them to resolve underlying issues that may be affecting their relationships.

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A Nutritionist offers advice to their clients on all aspects of their diet to help them achieve optimal health. This role requires the preparation of meal plans to suit the needs of an individual or even an entire organization such as a business or school.

If you’re interested in promoting wellness and helping people to make healthier dietary choices this may be the ideal career for you.

Licensed Massage Therapist

A Licensed Massage Therapist works with a patient to ease pain in soft tissues and muscle groups.

This work can help a patient with a variety of health-related issues, including:

  • Reducing stress,
  • Increasing the quality of relaxation
  • Improvements in circulation.

In fact, many patients visit a Massage Therapist regularly as part of their general wellness regimen. While others simply have a specific problem area that requires attention.

Registered Nurse

A Registered Nurse works with a Doctor to provide treatment and care for a patient with a medical condition or injury. Due to this, they are required to carry out observations on patient behavior, administer required medications and perform physical examinations.

This gives the physician key information on baseline health readings. Additionally, details on how well the patient is responding to the care regimen.

Social Worker

A Social Worker can work with both adults and children to help them improve their sense of well-being. Many people who need this kind of help have emotional or mental issues that have been caused by certain negative life experiences, such as trauma, stress, abuse, and neglect.

A Social Worker helps to educate patients on strategies and community-based resources that can help them to deal with their issues and improve their quality of life.

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An Attorney offers advice to their clients regarding the law and legal issues that may be affecting them. In this role they may represent a client in court, file paperwork such as motions and briefs or offer a response to a petition.

Many lawyers enjoy working in this field and there are chances to help worthy clients by working pro bono on certain projects.

Occupational Therapist

An Occupational Therapist works with a patient who needs assistance in performing a task that they have a limitation to complete. In this case, the patient is assessed and ways are explored to tailor their surroundings to maintain or enhance their quality of life.

This could include altering the physical environment or helping the patients to use new physical movements to help them perform daily tasks.

Physical Therapist

A Physical Therapist works with a patient who has a physical problem and needs help managing their symptoms. This role includes tasks such as writing a treatment plan for the patient, working with them on physical ways to move, helping to deal with pain issues, and restoring functionality to body parts that have been injured.

Certified Nurse-Midwife

A Certified Nurse-Midwife provides essential care to women who are pregnant. In general, this includes carrying out prenatal checkups and helping to deliver the baby.

Other key tasks include: 

  • Providing newborn care,
  • Counseling patients on medical conditions related to pregnancy
  • Conducting gynecological exams.


A Psychiatrist is a professional who provides psychological analysis and treatment for patients suffering from a variety of conditions, including substance abuse, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and more.

It may be necessary to treat a patient in an emergency capacity if they have a mental illness. A Psychiatrist may also prescribe medications to help the patient deal with specific issues.

Emergency Medicine Physician

An Emergency Medicine Physician works in a hospital emergency room to provide immediate treatment to patients with an acute injury or illness. They will typically work to stabilize the patient until they are ready for a transition to a more specialized department that carries out a continuation of care.

As you might imagine this is a very high pressure career but it can be very rewarding.


A Dentist provides essential care for the teeth of their patients which might include:

  • Deep cleaning,
  • Advice on dental care,
  • Fixing a chipped tooth,
  • Filling a cavity and more.

In many cases, the Dentist will be working to fix an immediate problem but in recent years this role has expanded to be more proactive in nature. As a Dentist, you may be offering helpful advice on diet, gum care, and tooth cleaning methods for your patients.


A Surgeon conducts surgical operations on patients for a variety of reasons. Many surgeons work in a hospital where they may deal with physical injuries, including fixing broken bones, tumor removals, and transplants. Furthermore, surgeons prepare postoperative care in the form of treatment plans and instructions for physicians and patients.

In the private sector, there are other fields such as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that may help people deal with body positivity issues.

How to Get the Jobs that Help People?

If you’re looking for work, the first thing you may assess is the salary. While money is crucial for everyday life, it may not be your only consideration.

According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, 9 out of 10 people would be willing to accept less salary for social impact jobs and jobs that help people.

In fact, helping people can provide a sense of satisfaction that cannot be achieved with money alone.

There are a number of ways to get jobs that help people.

University Degree

Since many of the top jobs that help people are in the legal, medical or education field, you will need a university degree to get started.

Online Courses

Fortunately, there are many opportunities for jobs that help people that don’t require a formal university degree. In fact, you can develop your skill set with an online course. For example, the NASM has courses to help you get certified as a personal trainer.

Job Search Websites


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There are many jobs that help people to be found on job search websites. You can search platforms like:

Local Stations

If you are interested in a job related to the emergency services, it may be worth calling into your local station. The team at your local police or firefighter stations will be able to explain the recruitment process and how you could join.

What Jobs Make the Biggest Difference?

As you can see from this list there are many types of jobs and careers that help people and make a huge impact on the quality of life for people. If you want a career where you can help people on a daily basis there will be a field to suit your needs. Some of the most interesting fields for these types of careers include:

  • Medicine
  • Healthcare Management
  • Law
  • Education
  • Civil Service
  • Social Work
  • Community Work
  • Emergency Response

The exact career that you choose will vary depending on your interests and abilities. After all, we can’t all be Surgeons, but perhaps a job working as a Paramedic will give you that sense of job satisfaction that you need.


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